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FourThree Studios

FourThree Studios is the vision of Jason Buck and Jason Sovis. We are a full service mixing and recording studio based in Flushing, Michigan.  We started as touring musicians in the early 2000’s and have grown into studio professionals through years of hard work, study and perseverance.  We love creating and contributing to great music and would love to use our skills and knowledge to help bring your vision to reality with a professional, release ready mix you are proud of!

Who We Are

Jason Buck in control room Flushing Michigan

Jason Buck – Co-Founder, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Studio Musician

Buck has been writing and producing music for over 20 years.  As a touring musician in the early 2000’s he was introduced to the art of recording music in a professional setting and has never wanted to do anything else since.  From 2009 to 2016, Buck served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman completing a tour in Afghanistan in 2014 where he learned invaluable life lessons that have shaped his thinking to this day.  During his time in the Navy, Buck was also learning the ins and outs of Studio recording and Music production as a service vs. as an artist and has been honing his recording and mixing skills for over 10 years.

Jason Sovis Recording Piano

Jason Sovis – Co-Founder, Producer, Studio Musician, Videographer

Jason started in music at an early age performing solo, musicals and in A Capella choir in high school, and eventually getting his first degree in music. He also was deeply involved in theatre and a video production company during and post college.  He toured as a musician with Buck through the early 2000’s, spending lots of time in a professional recording environment and soaking up as much knowledge as possible. During Buck’s time in the service Jason continued to grow his skills as a musician, writer, producer and videographer, collaborating with Buck from across the country on music that the two would end up releasing in 2017 and has been working to grow FourThree Studios ever since.



We are equipped for full band recording in a relaxed environment suited to capture your very best performance!  As musicians ourselves, we understand the stresses of recording and strive to provide and environment that is welcoming and collaborative as well as achieving great sounding results!



We offer complete mixing and production services. Whether that means tracks recorded at outside studios, on location or here at FourThree Studios, we will work to make your track sound professional and release ready! Contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs!


Studio Musicians

Want to add a little something to your track? Let us Help! We are experienced and dedicated studio musicians and would love to help give your song a little something extra. Contact us to discuss your vision and let us help make it a reality!


Vocal Editing

A professional sounding vocal track is the cornerstone of a hit song.  Send us your vocal takes and we will comp and treat them for a professional result that will stand out in any mix!


Audio Editing

Have a noisy or harsh sounding track that is giving you problems?  Background noise in your podcast audio? Let us edit and treat your audio for a professional sounding result!



We have been writing and producing music for over 20 years and love collaborating with other artists. If you are a solo artist needing accompaniment or full writing services, we are happy to assist. Contact us to discuss how we can help!


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